Meet Daniel Trujillo

Daniel Trujillo is an educator and Research Fellow at Northwestern University. As a second generation Mexican American, he attended community college in Oregon before graduating from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Philosophy. After completing his undergraduate degree, Daniel moved with his children to Evanston to finish his M.A. in Philosophy at Northwestern University. It was during this time that he developed an interest in local politics and the relation between public education and public policy. In 2015 he was elected to serve as the Policy Council PACE Representative for the District 65 Early Childhood Center.

Like many Illinoisans, Daniel continues to feel the impact of a state government that cannot create a working budget, and a state government determined to underfund pre-k through 12 education, healthcare, and human services. As a father of six Daniel understands the importance of joining with community members to create public policies that support working class families.

While at Northwestern University, he has served as Co-organizer and Grant and Budget coordinator for Northwestern Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics (NUSTEP).

With your help and support Daniel is committed to building a state government that represents the diversity of the 18th District and Illinois. He continues to work for a democracy shaped by the people for the people, not one shaped by billionaires for billionaires.