Illinois needs a budget that supports working class families. We need a representative who will advocate for the people of the 18th district by:

  • Creating a budget that 
    • Invests in quality education for all Illinoisans
    • Invests in a Single-Payer Healthcare system
    • Invests in childcare and paid family leave
  • Fighting for 
    • A fair progressive income tax
    • A fair tax on LaSalle Street financial transactions
  • Reducing our dependence on property taxes to pay for education  
  • Legalizing and taxing marijuana 

I am an educator, community advocate, father, and candidate for State Representative.


Working together as a community we can build a democratic government that represents the economic and racial diversity of the 18th District. Illinois should be a leader in effective progressive politics and not a leader in partisan politics that harm working class families. We can do better than electing more of the same party representatives in Springfield. We can do better than staying the course with the same failed policies


Stand with Daniel Trujillo to fight for a fair and equitable government in Springfield.   

Vote for Daniel on November 6th

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